I’m sorry part 2!


I’m sorry!!! PART TWO!!!

I have been utterly useless at blogging recently. Well, not recently as my last blog I think was in APRIL!!! How bad is that?!

I have got myself a little part time job in one of my FAVOURITE shops!!! NEXT!!! Which I love. My husband has also found himself a new job too! So we’re just adjusting to all the new changes whilst keeping our children calm and relaxed.

On top of our jobs we’re preparing for our eldest to have his first day at ‘big’ school on Monday! I really want to do a blog over the weekend about how anxious I am (yet excited for him)! Let’s hope I get round to doing it!!

He’s had a bad few months with having to have a few things done in terms of his health but I will tell you all about it in a blog about the rubbish ‘summer’ holiday’s we’ve had!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely summer holidays, despite the weather at times!!

Lots of love,


P.s I hope you like my new ‘Stronger than a heart’ logo!




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