Subject: I’m Sorry!

Okay, so all’s I can do is apologize for my absence. I am currently writing a lengthy blog all about my miscarriage. It’s taking it’s time because when writing it, I want it to come across as raw and as emotional as I feel. It’s just taking some time and with looking after two little pickles, it won’t be ready for some time. But PLEASE don’t give up on me. I feel so strongly about writing about this subject, I want to get it right.

As I’m writing this, it’s coming to the end of a four-day weekend with my husband being off. It’s the Easter bank holiday and although my eldest has been off for over a week now, it was nice to have my husband home so I could have a little break and we can spend some time being a family.

I will write more about what we’ve done over the whole of the Easter half term in another blog but in this blog I want to talk about what we’ve done from Friday 14th – Monday 17th.

On Friday, I actually had a lie in. We didn’t do much on the Friday as I knew we had a lot planned for the upcoming days.

The Saturday we visited Staunton Country Park in Havant. I actually dread taking my eldest to places like this. The fight to bring him home in sometimes unbearable. He gets over excited about the littlest of things but knowing I had an extra pair of hands really helped! Staunton Country Park was so lovely and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t taken the boys previously. As you pay to go in, you get offered to buy a bag of feed to feed the animals as you go round the park. I opted to do so as I think things like this add to the experience. My eldest having additional needs loves animals so as soon as he realised he was at a ‘farm’ – park with animals – he started to do his usual thing of singing ‘Old Macdonald Had A Farm’ whilst skipping & hopping towards the animals. We saw Goats, Cowes, Sheep, Lambs, Alpacas or Llamas, Pigs and Ducks. We also saw a few Donkeys which my eldest even got to ride at an additional cost! To get in cost us, as a family of four; two adults, one child and one under three, £21.50. Check out their website here and plan your day – Staunton Country Park.

Easter Sunday we went to Old Thorns for a carvery. Old Thorns is a luxury golf & spa estate (with hotel) but also cater to do carvery’s and cream teas (Yum Yum!). My husband, two children and I along with my Mum, Dad and younger sister decided to try out the carvery which was pre booked. It was a self-serve buffet type layout in which you had to pick your meat first and help yourself to the extras. Now, it’s either me being very weird, or everyone else is, but I don’t have meat in a roast dinner so opted to have the turkey and gave it to my husband. The vegetables on offer were so delicious and the Yorkshire puddings were literally the size of my head! I think we paid around £11.50 per head and under two’s ate free, much to our delight as unlike our eldest, our youngest eats everything in sight! Check out their website here, my Mum, sister and I are planning on going back for a cream tea package (cream tea and one spa treatment) – Old Thorns Golf & Spa Hotel.

On Easter Monday we went to my favourite place to eat, Stansted house. We went here for lunch a while back and saw an advertisement for an Easter egg hunt and decided the kids would love this, so my Mum & I pre booked for the kids to do this. It included the trail itself, a small train ride and Easter egg. It was so busy and we were not prepared for this but nether-the-less the kids really enjoyed walking the grounds and having lunch after. I do have to admit that the hunt was a bit tedious. You were given a sheet of paper with questions on and had to go round looking for eggs. You would think that the eggs was somehow coincide with the questions but they didn’t and you could potentially answer the questions without even going round the trail, which to me seems daft. The kids loved the little steam train ride and the workers were ever so pleasant although this was an additional price for the adults. I thoroughly recommend having lunch in the pavilion tea rooms. It’s rather pricey but I have not once had a meal I’ve been disappointed with. Have a look at the website here – Pavilion Tearoom – Stansted Park.

Lots of love,




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