Four Year Old To Be

Okay, so I’m slightly anxious tonight.

I got myself ready for bed about four hours ago. Wrote a blog as I felt I needed too (Subject: I’m Sorry!) but now I think I’m subconsciously keeping myself awake as I prepare myself to hear about my sons first school placement.

Everyone knows my son has medical needs (There’s a little bit about him in this blog: Raising Awareness) and when talks first started happening about sending him to school I was excited. But I think tonight the nerves have well and truly kicked in and I’m a nervous wreck. He’s my baby, not my youngest baby, he’s my eldest baby, but he will always be my baby! The baby we never thought would pull through the first few hours of his life which has then been reiterated throughout his life with multiple surgeries. Don’t get me wrong, he’s more than ready to go to school. He loves Pre school and I think primary school will give him that extra bit of confidence he needs. He lacks in some developmental areas but exceeds in others. He’s super loving but needs to channel his anger. Here’s hope and prayers he gets into the mainstream school I’ve wished him to go to!! Wish us luck!

Lots of love,



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