I love London…

… and I’m not afraid to say it. I’m also not the only one as millions of people are devastated by the recent events which ISIS have claimed to take victory of.

It’s got me thinking though, reading all these heroic stories of complete strangers helping the victims of the travesty, could or would you be able to resuscitate a complete stranger? Now I know for sure that I would 1 million percent try to help, if I thought I could, but in that moment of panic, would all the information I’ve been taught and know quite well from having a critically ill cardiac child, disappear from my mind? I would hope that it wouldn’t and that in some instance, panic mode would turn me into a heroine!

My thoughts are with everyone in the UK, especially all of the people who were caught up in yesterday’s events. We are a nation that won’t and can’t be broken.

Lots of love,



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