Stronger Than A Heart

Sometimes I have to remember that I am stronger than I think I am.

It’s funny because I’m forever encouraging other people to be strong or stay positive, yet I know myself that sometimes this is easier said then done.

I’m always being told ‘you’re so strong, I don’t know how you do it’ or ‘you’ve been through so much, you can get through this’ but I’m human and like everyone else I do have my bad days. In fact, I have really low days where I could literally cry all day if I let myself. I’m fortunate enough, in a way, that I have 2 children that depend on me. We are always on the go, whether it be; nursery, hospital appointments, play dates, etc, I have to get on with my day and paint on a smile because of our busy schedules! Peel back the mask and you will see I am a regular person battling more than you would ever expect.

The last month or so have been extremely hard for my husband & I. I have hit an all time low. I had all these dreams and future aspirations for this baby I was carrying and all of a sudden they are snatched from me and I just have to ‘deal with it’.  I fake a smile to hide my tears and this is on a daily basis. I find myself saying ‘I’m fine’ yet inside I’m screaming for a baby I will never meet, never cuddle, never kiss.

I’m really hoping for a sunnier day. When at the start of the day my emotions won’t dictate the rest of the day.

Sometimes I have to remember that I am stronger than I think I am. And so are you!

Lots of love,



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