Where life begins but love never ends…

Hi All!

For months I have written, re written, given up and written this first ever blog!

When I initially thought about blogging in July 2016, I was a Type 1 Insulin Dependant Diabetic with two lovely boys, both of which were born into this crazy world prematurely.

My eldest son has had such a turbulent start to his little life with various health conditions (which I will go into in another blog) but is far from how poorly you would expect him to look/act.

My youngest son is a dream baby, well, toddler really seeing as he’s nearly 2! He takes everything in his stride and looks after and up to his big brother so very much.

I have since become a married woman in August 2016 and gone onto suffer the dreadful pain of a miscarriage (something I will go into in yet another blog) in February 2017.

I’m hopeing I will find some sort of relief in expressing my feelings by typing them rather than saying them, writing them rather than speaking them.

I’m hopeing that I will spread awareness of at least two major health conditions that surround and suffocate my life.

I’m hopeing that I can make you laugh, cry and laugh some more at the adventures and stories I have to go through.

I’m hopeing I can truly open some eyes, hearts and minds into a busy but loving life I have with my boys!

Lots of love,



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